My Stepping stone to success... DPS

Anuj Bahukhandi

Batch: 2011

Anuj Bahukhandi is an alumni of the 2011 batch of DPS Bopal. He completed his graduation from National Law University.. Click here to read more

Debanjana Paul

Batch: 2014

A thousand memories flash by whenever I hear the name of my school, Delhi Public School Ahmedabad. DPS has played a very important role in shaping my life... Click here to read more

Jinen Gandhi

Batch: 2008

The best batch in the history of DPS I'm sure... Click here to read more

Arpit Agarwal

Batch: 2002-2004

DPS has played a vital role in shaping my attitude and perception towards life (personally and professionally)... Click here to read more

Rohan Maheshwari

Batch: 2011

As I reflect, the sands of time sweep me back to the day I first entered DPS. That day marked the beginning of a life experience which has contributed heavily to the enrichment of my personality... Click here to read more

Aniruddha Mitra

Batch: 2011

Aniruddha Mitra, of the 2011 batch DPS, Bopal, has done the school proud by securing 99.95 percentile in CAT 2014, in the nationwide examination for entrance to the prestigious IIMs and other top business schools. He has stood 1st in the State of Gujarat and is in the top 100 of the country.

Siddharth Pilania

Batch: 2004

Currently: Manager in ICICI Bank(MBA from IMT)

Quote ‘I may not say it always But I believe it always Yes I owe my success to u Thank you my dear teachers for all that u have done for me.

Manasvi Thapar

Batch: 2008-09

Currently: Launched a legal firm in partnership

I am grateful to all my teachers for having made my life meaningful and purposeful for all sections of the society.

Chetana Kapoor

Batch: 2009-10

Currently: Pursuing MA in International Journalism at Cardiff University in United Kingdom

I feel so proud when I tell my friends that I am a DPS product! My idea about DPS has not changed over the years. I believe that this school provides the right academic environment and rigour that enables you to hone your skills and develop your core competencies. The teachers prepared me for the outside world.

Yash Dhariwal

Batch: 2008-09

Currently: Runs his own financial consultancy firm

I passed out of DPS Bopal in 2009 marking an end to a remarkable journey of 13 years of learning and growth in life. After the school, I completed my Chartered Accountancy in first attempt along with Bachelor of Commerce from HL Institute of Commerce. DPS has played a pivotal role in shaping my career and where I stand today in my life.

Soumyaa Harsha

Batch: 2007-08

Currently: Chartered Accountant

DPS prepared us well and equipped us with the basic essentials like content and confidence. Being nurtured for 11 years by my alma mater I can proudly say that all I have been able to achieve, be it academic or professional goals has made my life that one looks forward to live

Atul Agarwal

Batch: 2008-09

Currently: Chartered Accountant

Commit one thing to memory – never correlate failure with defeat. This is a very important lesson I learnt in the last 3 years of my academic life.
Talking about DPS, there is one thing I always treasured and still do. It’s like it always told me, “Go ahead, stand ahead, and speak up. Speak whatever sensible, according to you, comes in to your head. If you never speak up, you’ll never be noticed.” This is one of the very important reasons why I am where I am. There is also a satire in something it taught me, and that is to “Never Look Back”. However, whenever I felt I achieved something, I had all the more reasons to look back and cherish the blessings of this very place where I grew up from a child to an adult.

Mehul Mittra

Batch: 2008-09

Currently: Film Making

As soon as I got done with school, I went to the New York film Academy to pursue my dream. I did a short diploma course in filmmaking, came back and joined Symbiosis institute of Media and communication for my graduation degree. I loved my job and fell in love with the entire process of making movies instantly. Since then I have worked with directors like KunalKohli, Danish Aslam, RakyeshOmprakashMehra, Tigmanshu Dhulia and VishalBharadwaj. My journey so far has been unreal and I have a long way to go but I know one day I will direct my own film. Today, I thank DPS for what I am.

Natasha Parikh

Batch: 2010

Currently: Pursuing Post Graduation

DPS, we have had incredible teachers who have over the years opened our minds, shaped our futures and have taken teaching beyond the confines of a classroom; what more can a student ask for!