Application Form Cardiff International School
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Pupil's Personal Details
First Name Middle Name Surname
Date of Birth Place of Birth Gender
Nationality Religion    
Pupil's Passport/ Visa/ Qatar ID Details
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Qatar ID Status Qatar ID/ Application Number Valid Until
Pupil’s Language Ability
Language Fluent/Non-Fluent
Which of these languages is spoken at home?
Details of Current School
School Name Location Country
present Year/Grade Tentative last date of attendance Curriculum
Was this a Language School? From To Year /Grade Level
Name Of Head:
Has your child had any behavioral problems in school?
If YES please give details.
Has your child ever been placed out of his/her age group (in any
subject)? If YES please provide details.
Has your child ever been referred to an Educational Psychologist
or registered on school’s special needs or had any significant
learning challenges? If yes, please clarify.
Has your child ever been suspended from / asked to leave a
asked to leave a school at any time? Please give full details.
Please indicate the areas in which your child has
demonstrated significant achievements.
Can you include further information that will
support your child’s application to school
Does the child have any special learning needs? If Yes, then please provide details
Invoicing & Payment Information
Please Indicate (Select) to whom invoices should be addressed
Please indicate to whom the Refundable Deposit should reimbursed
Parents' Careers Details
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Contact Details - Permanent
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Contact Details - Qatar
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Landmark City Country
Contact Landline Contact Mobile Electricity No:
Are you also applying for any sibling of the child? If so, please provide details
    1st Sibling 2nd Sibling 3rd Sibling  
  Date of Birth  
  Class Applying In  
Transport Requirement
Parental Declaration In making this application I undertake and agree to the following:
  • Completion of this form DOES NOT guarantee an offer of a place in the school. If any relevant information concerning your child is withheld prior to admission the school reserves the right to reassess (at any given time) your child’s place within the school;
  • To provide a copy of my child’s most recent school report at the time of assessment and to pay a non-refundable Application Fee prior to assessment;
  • To pay any additional English as Additional Language (EAL) expenses should our child require this extra tuition;
  • Invoices are issued in the name of the parent. All fees and other costs, including any penalties for late payment are payable by the Parent, even if fees are reimbursed to the parent(s) by a company or a third party;
  • To pay a non-refundable Registration Fee and refundable Caution Deposit prior to the pupil’s first day of school;
  • To pay all fees by the last day of the previous term.
  • My child shall be subject to the applicable rules, regulations and discipline, as laid down by the Principal and designated representatives.
  • I absolve the Cardiff International School, its employees and its agents from any responsibility for: the loss of valuables; accidents or mishaps occasioned by participating in normal school life including, but not confined to, organized sports, gymnastics, informal play, practical and craft work; the welfare and safety of my child outside the normal time-tabled day and/or in activities supervised by members of staff of Cardiff International School.Cardiff International School will not be responsible for the safe delivery and collection of children to and/or from the school.
In signing below I confirm that I have understood the above Declaration and agree to be bound by the school’s terms and conditions,which may be amended by the school from time-to-time.
If you have any difficulty filling the form please write to